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Marco Eychenne, a boundary-pushing creator, constructs enigmatic pieces from photographic fragments, blending realism with surrealism. Rich in color and power, his work invites viewers to explore complexity. Driven by curiosity about people, Eychenne captures allure and transformation, seamlessly blending hand-drawn subjects with real specimens, showcasing nature’s organic beauty.

My artworks feature entirely hand-drawn subjects mixed with photographic fragments created exclusively from real botanical, water or mineral specimens, with no AI involvement whatsoever.

I do not use enhanced colors and instead rely on the natural hues and tones captured by my Fuji camera in the natural environment where the beautiful specimens were found.

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Bartolo Zaia +61 (0)421 010 023

Hungover by the Pool

(3 editions at 120 x 90cm), 2024, Lambda print


(68 x 85cm), 2023, Lambda print


The Complexity of a Woman
Enfant Africain

Constructed from hundreds of photographic fragments, Marco’s enigmatic work set out to explore and challenge traditional notions of beauty. Piece by piece, Eychenne photographs and creates gigabytes of fractured beauty - fragmented, multi-layered, delicate and beguiling, these images communicate the internal complexity often hidden by the superficial gaze of the camera. His pieces are rich in color and full of power, capturing your gaze with its imaginative and inspiring mix of realism and surrealism. Several layers are at play, each one asking you to dissect it through your own experience.

“Marco Eychenne is fascinated by the celebrity lifestyle to which he puts his surreal twist,” shares Bill Tikos, of The Cool Hunter. “There is danger, glamour, desire, power, allure, surprise. And there is also something else, something even more sinister. Maybe transformation, deformity, the stretching of reality to something quite ghastly. Or is it all just a beautiful stretch of imagination?”

Bill Tikos – Founder of The Cool Hunter AUSTRALIA

“We would never have thought that such impressive paintings can be made with photographs. Of course many artists have experimented with both techniques –photographers using painting, painters using photographs. Photocrash is more than just one of these artists, and his technique shows a deep understanding of shape and color, including obviously photography as the main axe. Nature is used in his sceneries, also as a reflection of how we ourselves might perceive nature, as a reflex of Earth in a constant movement, with the wind blowing at the trees to send out shimmers of light so we don’t forget them. These paintings really are in constant movement, and with each glimpse we get, something else sprouts from it; creating an interesting dance with the sight and other senses, illuminating the spaces in which it is placed at the same time.”

Merida McCarthy – Tierra Mexico

For exhibition, collaboration, commission or purchase contact

Bartolo Zaia +61 (0)421
010 023


(original at 100 x 100cm, 3 editions at 85 x 85cm), 2022, Lambda print

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